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MOSON MODEL SHOW 2022: 23.-24.04.2022
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let me see...   new - Nov 27, 2005:

Small Scale Figure Painting ...

In this article we shall show you how figures can easily be painted with minimum effort and still give excellent results...
let me see...
Hobby Shops in Vienna & Austria - adresses, opening hours, range ... 
  last update:Mar 01, 2014
The ABC of airbrush cleaning ...
  by Christian Jakl
  last update: Oct 28, 2004
Stencils instead of decals ...
  by Christian Jakl
  last update: Jul 14, 2004
Modelling colors - a comparison ...
  by Christian Jakl
  last update: Feb 25, 2015
Hints & Tricks 3: Working with decals
  by Christian Jakl
  last update: Oct 30, 2002
Hints & Tricks 2: How to build a tree?
  by Georg Schachinger
  last update: Mar 11, 2002
Hints & Tricks 1: How to paint hub wheels
  by Wolfram Bradac
  last update: Feb 14, 2001
Airbrush - the Aztek A430 / A470
  by Wolfram Bradac
  last update: Feb 14, 2001
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