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Cannon fodder ...

15cm Field Howitzer & 17cm cannon - built by Gerhard Strobl (1:35)

Cannon fodder...
15cm heavy Field Howitzer 18

This kit by Precision Model was built directly "from the box" based on the illustration on the box cover. The preparation for the project began with the careful sorting of the perfectly cast resin parts. I continued by separating the rather large but intelligently placed resin casting plugs from the kit parts followed by sanding and cleaning up the parts.

There were no problems during assembly since all parts fit perfectly. The model was painted with a mixture of Tamiya dark and desert yellow water based paint. After a short drying time the complete model including the black painted tires were coated with a mixture of brown oil paint heavily thinned with turpentine. To finish the model a few metal scratches should be added with a thin paint brush with a darkish metal color. The crowning touch can be accomplished with a dusting with colored pigments to give the piece that well used look.

17cm cannon 18 mounted on mortar carriage

This resin kit by Precision Model has so many parts that it took a week of planning before I began sorting the parts. The problem rests with the fact that the parts are not numbered and have to be sorted based on the diagram provided in the kit. Once one has assigned a number to the part and knows where it goes then the rest of the work consists of the routine of separating the parts from their plugs and sanding and assembly. However it is a lot of work. The photo etch parts are a bit basic but fulfill their purpose. I assembled this artillery piece according to the building instructions and encountered no problems despite the fact that some experts have suggested that the parts representing the catwalks on the right and left of the gun carriage do not match the original.

I painted the model with dark yellow and olive green Tamiya colors. Then I applied a light brown oil wash, added some scratches using "burned metal" by Model Master and a little dust with colored pigments. Last but not least I treated the natural metal parts and the worn areas with various metal colors from Model Master. A soft pencil also can be used here to add wear and tear details.


15cm Field Howitzer & 17cm cannon

  Model built by Gerhard Strobl, photos taken by Paul Panther  
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15cm Feldhaubitze & 17cm Kanone 15cm Feldhaubitze & 17cm Kanone 15cm Feldhaubitze & 17cm Kanone 15cm Feldhaubitze & 17cm Kanone
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15cm Feldhaubitze & 17cm Kanone   15cm Feldhaubitze & 17cm Kanone   15cm Feldhaubitze & 17cm Kanone   15cm Feldhaubitze & 17cm Kanone
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    15cm Feldhaubitze & 17cm Kanone   15cm Feldhaubitze & 17cm Kanone    
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Gerhard Strobl

  My name is Gerhard Strobl and I was born in Vienna in 1957. I started building models about seven years ago and about three years ago the models began to resemble somewhat their larger real cousins. My main interest are trucks of the Allied powers of the war and pre-war years. There are not that many kits so I try to bash together whatever moved on wheels and tracks during this period.

If anybody would like to see the real thing go to Vienna's 17th District, Kalvarienberggasse 58 "Modellbau Paul Vienna" and look around. All my models end up there for some time after they are completed.
  Gerhard Strobl  
  († 2013) We will always remember you!      
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