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Father & Son - Mistel S2, Spring 1945 (Ju 88 G-1 & Fw 190 F-8)

Diorama (1:48) built by Christian Jakl

Father & Son - Mistel S2, Spring 1945
The Dragon kit of the Mistel is only partially useable. The Ju 88 G1 and the actual Mistel connective parts are useable; the rest can be relegated to the dust bin. The decals do not correspond to an actual aircraft and the Focke-Wulf can only be used in a limited way since it cannot be used for the versions suggested by the instructions. That is why I used the Tamiya F-8.

Without the book "MISTEL- German Composite Aircraft and Operations 1942-45" published by Classic Publications, the model would not have become what it is now. The Krupp L3H 63 turned into a real nightmare- a resin kit with photo etch that really deserves the dustbin. For EUR 60.- you get hundreds of bubbles, distorted parts and a very poor fit. The kit was cast so poorly that the wheels had to be completely redone. I recommend that all beginners ignore this kit. I detailed the cockpit of the Ju88 with the Aires set but only in a limited way since there are no detail sets for the G version. The CMK set is a quality product but not easy to build.

The diorama

I had the idea in the back of my mind for quite awhile, but I did not know how I could make a Mistel look believable in a diorama. A further complication was limited space at home and the contraption is not exactly small. It took 6 months to complete the project with some minor interruptions. There also were waiting periods for the various parts and now and then I ran out of ideas. The long building process gave me the opportunity however to try out things that I had always wanted to do; like the building of a repair shed or a tree. Slowly, piece-by-piece the project began to take shape. A lot of pieces were tossed because I worked without a precise plan in mind.

The figures presented a major problem since there are not very many available in 1/48 scale. They also were not supposed to all work on the airplane but some were to do other things. I ended up building four times as many figures and grouped them together at the very end. The unloading of the truck came at the end and was not initially planned. The interruptions served a positive purpose since it permitted new ideas to sprout and also helped gain perspective and distance from the project. It has to be placed out of sight in the work area otherwise one will fiddle with it at every opportunity.

Mistel project - NERO:

This diorama is the first in a series of a comprehensive collection of Mistel models that I would like to build. Whenever a new Mistel variant is completed it will be included in this web page. Included will be those that actually existed and those that never left the designers drawing board. There will surely be some that will have to be scratch built and those that will have to be assembled from various kits available.

Father & Son - Mistel S2, Spring 1945 (Ju 88 G-1 & Fw 190 F-8)

  Diorama built by Christian Jakl, photos taken by Wolfram Bradac  
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Mistel S2 Mistel S2 Mistel S2 Mistel S2
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Mistel S2   Mistel S2   Mistel S2   Mistel S2
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Mistel S2   Mistel S2   Mistel S2   Mistel S2
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Mistel S2   Mistel S2   Mistel S2   Mistel S2
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  used kits:  
  Tamiya: Focke Wulf Fw 190 F-8
Dragon: Mistel 2/S2
WSW: Krupp L3H 63
Figurines: Preiser, Jaguar, Hecker & Goros
CMK: Focke-Wulf Fw 190 F-8 Detail Set
Aires: Junkers Ju88 A4 Cockpit Detail Set
Additional materials are from Verlinden, Preiser, and from the spare box
MISTEL - German Composite Aircraft and Operations 1942-1945
Books / References:

MISTEL - German Composite Aircraft and
Operations 1942-1945

by Robert Forsyth , Eddie J. Creek , Stephen Ransom
Classic Publications has been selling this book titled "Mistel- German Composite Aircraft and Operations 1942-45" for a while now. In the 288 pages you will find all the information necessary to build an accurate model of a Mistel. Countless original photos, projects, color profiles, technical drawings, eyewitness accounts and background information allow the reader always to discover something new. I can say with certainty that this is the best book on the Mistel ever published. The authors have assembled a complete record of the Mistel and the reader does get the feeling that nothing has been left out.

published by Classic Publications, ISBN: 1-90322309-1
  meet the modeler      

Christian Jakl

  I was born in Vienna in 1971 and now I live in the middle of the mountains in the Tyrol district. I am in marketing and my specialty is graphic design and layout. Ships, planes and automobiles is how it started and now I have taken up aircraft models only. I concentrate on the German and Soviet air force. My favorite mode of display are dioramas in 1/48 scale. Here I can let my imagination run wild and can produce many of parts. Experimentation and the use of new techniques are foremost on my mind. I also combine stock kits with other add onís and try out new tools. There is always a lot to learn.

It is not all that important to me if a detail is no exactly in the right spot; the final product has to look right. If somebody stands in front of my model and is enthused then I did my job right. The only problem I have is the time factor and in this I probably not alone. I wish everybody a lot of fun with this page and hope that critiques and comments are forthcoming.
  Christian Jakl  
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