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Mikoyan Gurevich MiG 15-bis

built by Christian Jakl (1:48)

Mikoyan Gurevich MiG 15-bis
The development of the MiG-15 was based on captured Luftwaffe documents. Since the Soviets did not develop their own jet engine, they officially copied the British Rolls-Royce Nene power plant. At that time the two countries, the Soviet Union and Great Britain still had good relations. The first prototype took to the air at the end of 1947 and two year later it became operational and could be delivered to communist allies.

During the Korean War it became apparent that the MiG-15 was superior to all American aircraft which were operational at that time. The American bomber units suffered such a heavy price that night operations had to be initiated. The only aircraft technically comparable was the F-86 Sabre and was able to meet the MiG on equal terms. During 1953 the USA offered a $ 100.000 bounty to any pilot who would defect with an intact aircraft. 17 years later on April 7, 1970 a Hungarian air force officer flew his MiG-15 to Italy. The MiG always provided headlines. On March 10, 1953 an American F-84 was shot by two MiG-15’s over Regensburg. On March 12, 1953 a MiG-15 shot down a British military aircraft near the DDR border. Cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin was killed during a training flight on March 27, 1968 in a MiG-15 UTI. Further development with stronger engines, higher speeds and ceiling came to naught because stability and maneuverability suffered. The “bis” after the 15 means freely translated “one more time”. The NATO code name was “fagot” (bundle of fire wood).

The model

The model I built could be called a hybrid. The Trumpeter kit served as the basis and the details come from the Aires resin kit for the MiG-15. I added the photo etch set from Part. The paint scheme and the painting of the pilot figure were suggested by the Revell-Monogram kit. All together this project required a lot o planning because of the 500 parts. It is easy to loose oversight. Although so many parts were used there were hardly any assembly problems. On the contrary, everything fit together very well. There are only a few small errors in the Trumpeter kit. A few visible ejection marks and a few uneven recessed details had to be corrected. In order not to destroy the silhouette of the aircraft the fuselage of the aircraft was affixed as if it was floating to the engine. That this is impossible in realty is understood.


There were air shows during the cold war and the participation of Soviet aerobatic teams was common. !950, the “red” MiGs demonstrated their flying characteristics much to the chagrin of NATO observers. This version appears on the Revell box top. There is not much information or pictures on this particular team. Well, if the model is not totally true to the original I have to live with it. Painting with Alclad II colors is a pleasure and opens all kinds of possibilities for weathering and the representation of paint flaws. For instance the paints painted on top of Alclad II can be scratched off easily and a natural damaged look can be represented. Engines and other metal parts look very realistic with Alclad.
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Mikoyan Gurevich MiG 15-bis (1:48)

  Model built by Christian Jakl, photos taken by Wolfram Bradac  
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Mig 15-bis Mig 15-bis Mig 15-bis Mig 15-bis
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Mig 15-bis   Mig 15-bis   Mig 15-bis   Mig 15-bis
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Mig 15-bis   Mig 15-bis   Mig 15-bis   Mig 15-bis
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Many parts, a lot of work. However an interesting variant of the MiG-15bis, one that is usually seen in camouflage. Trumpeter must improve small engraved details and the accuracy could be better. On a few parts there is no detail at all and a few parts are unnecessarily divided up into smaller parts (front landing gear recess) despite this it is still the best MiG-15 model and looks good without detailing. A lot of praise for Part -the photo etched parts are easy to work with and the detailing is fairly perfect. Aires also provides a good set with cleanly cast parts with excellent fit.
  meet the modeler      

Christian Jakl

  I was born in Vienna in 1971 and now I live in the middle of the mountains in the Tyrol district. I am in marketing and my specialty is graphic design and layout. Ships, planes and automobiles is how it started and now I have taken up aircraft models only. I concentrate on the German and Soviet air force. My favorite mode of display are dioramas in 1/48 scale. Here I can let my imagination run wild and can produce many of parts. Experimentation and the use of new techniques are foremost on my mind. I also combine stock kits with other add onís and try out new tools. There is always a lot to learn.

It is not all that important to me if a detail is no exactly in the right spot; the final product has to look right. If somebody stands in front of my model and is enthused then I did my job right. The only problem I have is the time factor and in this I probably not alone. I wish everybody a lot of fun with this page and hope that critiques and comments are forthcoming.
  Christian Jakl  
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