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Wolfpack! U-Boat Type VIIC - U 82

built by Karl Pesek (1:72)

Wolfpack! U-Boat Typ VIIC - U 82
Despite the fact that I build military vehicles in 1:72 scale, I could not resist the temptation to buy this U-boat kit. After I had read an article in Tamiya magazine and saw the diorama with the new Andrea figures in Modellfan, I wanted to start building immediately. As with so many projects it became apparent that a lot of work would be involved in order to build a presentable model.

For references I used the following materials: Warship pictorial #27 "Kriegsmarine VII U-boat", Vom Original zum Modell : U-boat VII C ,Bernard Graefe Verlag, "Das Boot" by Andrea Press, Tamiya-Magazin June/July 2004, 3 volumes of Blank Media "U-Boat War", " U Boat Sailors" and "Death in Victory". From the beginning I had planned a two tone striped finish. Since I am no U-boat expert I stuck to the Revell instructions for U-82.

My first decision was to open up the drain and flooding holes. I did this by sanding the inside of the hull until I could punch through the holes easily. The first openings looked so good and as I continued I realized how much work this entailed. Before I joined the hull, I installed 2 M6 wheel nuts in order to fasten the boat to the base later. I also used plastic sheet to show through the opened drain holes, the partially visible inner hull. Before the deck was glued in place, I painted the hull. The appropriate Eduard photo etch parts were now added.

On the conning tower I replaced the handles and ladders with new ones made with brass wire. All periscope assemblies as well as the base for the attack computer were improved. Here I found many variations in the references and if I made mistakes may the reader forgive me. The main deck armament as well as the 2 cm flak were improved either with photo etch or with home made parts.
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The painting was done with Tamiya Acrylics. I mixed my own colors from a variety of grays. The primer coat was done with a Weinert Modellbau coat. I started with the lightest colors and after having applied the two-tone camouflage scheme I lightened the areas towards the middle. The flooding holes were lightly touched with a wash of reddish brown paint to simulate rust. After that the whole model was painted with gloss clear. After this coat dried, I used dark oil paint to accentuate the flooding holes and the rivets along the sides of the hull.

After attaching the only decal, I then sealed the model with Gunze matt clear paint. Since I had never built a naval vessel before, I was uncertain about what to use to simulate the steel cables. I used sewing yarn which seemed to represent the look of steel cables fairly well. I colored the yarn black and carefully applied the ceramic insulators. I discovered later that the sewing yarn absorbed moisture and began to sag. I have decided to use fishing line in the future on similar projects. On the conning tower are 9 figures and they are all from Hecker & Goros. They are beautifully sculptured and a joy to paint. I hope other figures follow in 1:72 for different themes.

(The signal mate standing near the edge of the conning tower can be found in "U-Boot Krieg" page 52 by Blank Media). Since I still have quite a few figures related to the U-boat war, I have decided to do more projects. Even if there are only cross sections involved. I certainly hope to see more U-boat models at shows and an absolute highlight would be to see the one by Zdenek Sebesta with the cross sectioned hull.

Wolfpack! U-Boat Type VIIC - U 82

  Model built by Karl Pesek, photos taken by Wolfram Bradac  
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Data for U-82:

U-82 was launched on May 15. 1940 in Bremen (shipyard: Bremer Vulkan). It was officially commissioned for action under Kapitänleutnant Siegfried Rollmann on May 14. 1941. The boat was assigned to the 3.U-boot Flotille and sank 52,986 tons of enemy shipping on three combat patrols. On February 27. 1942, on the return voyage from the eastern U.S. coast (Operation Paukenschlag), during an attack on convoy OS-18 it was sunk by the British sloop HMS Rochester and the Corvette HMS Tamarisk, north of the Azores. The boat was a total loss- 45 dead (last commander Siegfried Rollmann).
  meet the modeler      

Karl Pesek

  My name is Karl Pesek and I was born in Mödling in 1963. My interest in modeling goes back to when I was seven when my father bought an Airfix tank for me. This model was then artistically painted with gloss grass green that my father had provided for me. My aunt in the United States provided me with more models. After a few excursions into the model train world and various distractions during my teen years I returned to military vehicles. . For eight years I have tried to bring the standards of my models to exhibition level. I enjoy these exhibits because of the exchange of ideas.

I have to admit that the work of Erik Trauner motivated me to try again. His masterful techniques to create landscapes, love of detail and the animation of his showpieces motivate me still.
  Karl Pesek  
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